We got in the studio in March and recorded a few of our newer songs...here's one of em:

You can also find this track and others on the MUSIC page...


Our weekend at DC started with a hellish eight hour ride courtesy of intense rain and rubberneckers, thankfully we had a couple of 40’s and a seemingly never ending well of stories to drown out the red tail lights. Between bouts of drinking we managed to actually venture out into the city, whether it was busking in the national mall or taking a surreal trip to the Lincoln memorial at four in the morning with a couple of “DC natives.” A personal thanks to everybody who came out to the show, took vid/pics, and supported the band, I would also like to personally thank Adderall for keeping us up for our show after an impromptu binge the day before. Lastly, a shout out to GWU and the city of DC for putting up with our bullshit and a big FUCK YOU to the kids who threatened to call campus security on Saturday morning, live a little. Anybody who missed our show it won’t be long until you see The Enthusiasts back in DC, we hope to see you then.

G Is An Angel.

(pics courtesy of Ashley Reese)

Will Vahey: Never the same without him. No one quite knows how to party like that fuckin' guy...

Lincoln Memorial..at 4.Am ( best time to go see it)


Definitely a possibility..


here are some demos...recorded 1 hot august day in G's basement...


cool shot of us playing at DEATH BY AUDIO, our favorite brooklyn venue.


If you wanna download our single, go to the releases page and In The City and My Two Worlds are available for download.