On SATURDAY MAY 28TH well be playing a 10 BAND SHOWCASE in the middle of town at the ACC. It'll be our first local show in a couple years. It's been way too long since we played with hometown heroes NO ONE AND THE SOMEBODIES and MAMOJAM. Those guys are absolutely awesome... there's a ton more bands playing too. Organized by the invincible GI DAVE. this is probably the coolest thing to happen in town in the last 5 years.

RSVP fuckers..!/event.php?eid=147572011980053


We had a great time playing a live set on WHLC's 'Pits and Poisoned Apples' show. We played, 6 or 7 songs and met some real cool people that worked over there at the Lehman College Radio Station.

We will post some of the recordings from the show, as soon as we get them!

The place was really nice and cramped..also hot as fuck..but it made the music that much dirtier.

We met some guys from the group ZEBRA SET. They are an instrumental hip hop group, and fuckin rip. Check them out here:

To hear past and future Pits and Poisoned Apples Radio show's go to :


Got slider's at this place called Mark in St. Marks. Fuckin' awesome burgers. Apparently they grind their own beef...sounds good to us.


May 13th at 10pm, The Enthusiasts and The Beat Rats...who are fuckin awesome, will be playing a free show at The Suffolk on 107 Suffolk Street NYC. Hope to see you all there!

More info here :

My Little Darlin' Radio Hour!!

My Little Darlin' Radio Hour!, will be featuring "I Know What You're Doin" on their radio show tomorrow night, on May 1st! The show starts at 8 and is on every sunday, playing the best in garage rock from all over the country.

Listen Here :

Archives of all the shows:

More Info Here:

Tune in at 8, to hear our track and many more awesome songs. If you miss the show, check out the archive link for 5/1!