record review

The Sinkin/Risin 7" is "RECOMMENDED" by Still Single:

"Young rockers from a short ride up the Metro-North come across with The Goods, straight up... Rarely are there surprises of this magnitude, a well-executed, smokin’ hot romp through the contested area between late ‘60s heavy garage and early ‘70s proto-metal, with the boogie moves needed to punch through the gray layer of stoner rock clogging up the notions of this music making good on whatever promise it has left. “Sinkin/Risin” is the stronger of the two cuts, a big ol; basement rager with plenty of hollerin’ and some sizeable riffage which anchors it all together, while “Joanne” opts for a slower burn, eventually steering towards power-pop harmonies (think the Raspberries, not some skinny tie band) tied down with hard rock ballast. Not sure where these kids figured it out, but they could teach plenty of active hacks a few lessons, 150 numbered copies. Actual sleeve not pictured, at least as far as my copy is concerned. Worth it regardless! " 
-Doug Mosurock, read full review here