record review

Collective Zine on the Sinkin/Risin 7":

Expected this one to be straight-up garage punk, and while the roughness is there the Enthusiasts can clearly bust out more than four chords and a snotty chorus. The titular opener, see, offers nothing but ballsy heavy rock abandon of a type that’s not as overtly virtuosic as, say, Cream, Free or Led Zep but possessed of a looser, scruffier edge that's more in line with 'Thank Christ For The Bomb' or something. The fat (and it is FAT), rolling bassline holds things nicely together while frontman Joey Ghostly slips between brassy blues-rock riffage, flailing solos and his woozily unctuous vocals. Flip it over and you have the twangier, psych-infused 'Joanne' which has similar tendencies but is delivered with a lighter touch. Guitars fizz hither and thither, vocal harmonies sough quietly in the background and you occasionally get the sense that you might have strayed into an early Black Lips or Strange Boys number which, in terms of style and contrast, is certainly no bad thing. File under 'would like to hear whatever it is they do next'.